About Us

The Story

Whether you’re a wayfarer or a jet setter, we’re the ticket to the adventure you crave. Yes, you may have all things going right for you but the monotony of life can sometimes hit you. HARD.


That’s where we come into the picture.


Now that we have the “Where” in place, let’s talk about the “how” and “why”.



We have a cute story

It all started with a small Christmas camp that comprised mostly friends and acquaintances but with a vibe so fulfilling and addictive and a flood of positive responses, we were not just overwhelmed, but also compelled to continue to give fellow travelers a taste of adventure in every breath.


Hence, Breathing View was born.



Three years down the lane, we’ve not known what it feels like to not travel. We conduct trips and camps and tours as regularly as you attended lectures in school. By now, we are extremely refined in what we do, and our happy clients and media visibility are a proof of the same.


With a plethora of options available, why us, if you ask, then here’s the answer…


At Breathing View, we believe in Experiential Travelling.

Uncompromised quality of service is our forte.


We believe that travelling can change a person, and so we put in the effort to successfully bring you that fresh breath that transforms you, for the good.

Our Team


Co-founder, Head of Operations

Breaker of Ice, Rider of Bikes

Ignore the face and focus on the energy and you might think its Ranveer Singh; but its only Vivek Singh. This guy can talk to anyone and everyone. Full of energy, entertainment and enthusiasm – There’s never a dull moment with him around. He believed his love for biking will take him places and today his beliefs have manifested into reality. He’s a crazy rider with covering Mumbai-Rajasthan distance in one day’s time being just one of his many accomplishments.


Co-Founder, Head of Sales
Perfectionist with a hint of crazy

Everything is not what it seems – This seemingly strict backpacker is actually a sweetheart and a gigglemug if you get to know her. Ever since she realised that travel is her calling, she left her corporate job behind and joined breathing view. Though she left the corporate job, the professionalism hasn’t quite left her, obviously for the good. Count on her to make you feel at home.


Operations Lead
Live wire, Radio
in Human Form

He can make the introverts, extroverts for a weekend. With energy enough to provide energy to a city for a week (please don’t kidnap him), Mohan is that guy who you instantly become friends with. Putting all the energy to good use, he’s the one singing and joking around all the time making sure everyone has a good time. Even if you don’t approach him, you will surely admire him from a distance.


Operations Lead
Mother of the group, Fine Foodie

She operates on Coffee and Care, the most humble and loving member of our group who always makes sure everyone and everything is okay. An explorer of places and experiences, she’s a super fine person to have around no matter where you are.


Graphic Designer
Chai dependent life form, Tanker of creativity

She’s as creative as Ishaan from Taare Zameen Par! Taking care of all the creative requirements, she has added an extra spark to the aura of breathing view. Also, its super easy to recognize her. Just shout ‘Chai’ and she’ll be the first to turn around!


Creative Head
Kalaakaar, Non-Recovering Chai Addict

Give him a Cup of Desi cutting Chai and he is sold. The more chai he drinks, the more he is fuelled to
create amazing designs and give Breathing View a breath-taking countenance. With his creative work, he adds soul to every initiative of Breathing View while being a great company at almost every trip.